If you are just getting started with your Baidu SEO optimization , there no doubt that list like this can be very helpful and a great reminder of the many things that you need to do on-site wise.

We hope the list is not overwhelming and please do not get discouraged if you find that you are not able to complete some of the steps that are listed here and If you can get everything on this list, that is best! If you can’t then that’s okay too.

Ultimately your goal is to make your site as Baidu (Chinese) SEO friendly as possible.

With the help of this Baidu SEO to do list guide you can start optimizing your website little more easier in after completing the steps you lay solid on page optimization foundation of you site.

Now Lets Get Started.

2014 Baidu SEO Step by Step
To Do List Guide

(Check off items as you go along and your data will be saved on the
website until you clear your cache)

1.Keyword Research

Keywords are the very fundamental of your website, without targeted keywords your customers will have hard time to find your website.

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2.Page Meta Tags

It isn’t enough to have just keyword list, now we need to prioritize our seed, helper and longtail keywords into meaningful Title Tags, H tags and Description tags. Especially page Title tags are very important ranking factors. So make sure you include the best keywords in them.

[frontend-checklist name=”03.Meta Tags”]

3.Image Optimization

Optimizing your web page images are also one of the very important step, with proper image tag optimization Baidu and other Search Engines will able to find your website and will index them in their Image search engines.

[frontend-checklist name=”04.Image Optimization”]

4.Page Copy Optimization

[frontend-checklist name=”05.Page Copy Optimization”]

5.Web Structure Optimization

While good page title tags and body copy optimization are important,effective clean website structure can make big difference when comes to page crawling and indexing.

[frontend-checklist name=”06.Web Structure Optimization”]

6.Link Building

Links are one of the most important part of the Off-Site optimization. But remember quality vs quantity is also very important. Nowadays so called bad link from blacklisted sites and under quality sites would be very hurtful to your site.

[frontend-checklist name=”07.Link Building”]