Almost every single website and traffic popularity data would say that Google is the most visit website in most North America and Europe. A narrow look shows that Google is an overall global search engine winner.

However, if you think same situation would happen in China, then you would be most definitely wrong. In China we all know that Baidu is the top site and is new coming hot kid on the block,too

Google started pulling out of China in 2010, Since then Google has continued to move away from China, and Chinese are doing fine job helping them.

In other words, if you are in China and would like to search something on Google or access your Gmail or would like to use any other Google-powered service, it would be major challenge with speed limitation and accessibility issue. It is almost safe to say without VPN, you would not succeed.

So if you are business owner, who would like to enter Chinese market by employing SEO and Inbound marketing, you most definitely need to optimize on follow Baidu’s search engine guidelines and SEO best practices, in other words start optimizing your site for Baidu today.

Some even say Baidu is “commercial search” rather than Google is a search search, I find myself sometimes agreeing to this point a lot depending on the SERP result i see time to time on the Baidu.

Here’s a brief summary of the SERP key differences:

  • Baidu SERP allows brands to “pay to display at top” and major example of this would be: Baidu BrandZone,  very expensive too.
  • Paid listings sometimes can hijack entire SERP result, with almost  no to nothing organic listing for some high profitable keywords.
  • Chinese language contents rank highly regardless of .com or .cn domain name i guess it is duh moment, as we all know Baidu clearly focus on China.

Baidu vs Google

baidu-logo google-logo
On-Page SEO High High
Website content quantity Medium High
Inbound link quantity Medium Less
Inbound link quality High High
Links from Chinese sites Medium High
Site-speed Medium Medium
Social Integration High High
Baidu Verification Medium Less

Few simple Baidu SEO Tips

  • Test if the hosting company’s’ IP addresses are blocked or not
  • Website speed matter, if possible host your web near China.
  • HTML coding use use either UTF-8 or GB2312
  • Write your Title tags & description in Chinese
  • Use Chinese social share plugins and services

Finally keep it simple and follow the basic SEO rules and steadily build  quality of your content and inbound links, you will gradually gain popularity  & rankings in the Baidu search engine.

Only major downer is the time it takes your rankings & traffic increase compare to Google is twice a long, but that doesn’t mean your hard work is not paying of. Don’t give up!

In the meantime if you are willing to spend some, you could always give Baidu Ads a try.

 Common myths (misunderstandings) about Baidu rankings

1.You need .CN domain to rank well

Not true, they do favor .CN domain however ranking entirely depends on your content and marketing.

2.Baidu always ranks its products higher

Not true again, expect Baidu Zhidao case(it is like Wikipedia in Google) ranks well in almost every time, which is good opportunity for us to get links from it, though!

3.Pay to get higher organic ranking

No necessarily true, expect in some cases, shady links and some black hat techniques are helping  some unworthy pages rank higher that usual,But i don’t think that is because they have paid Baidu’s own team to tweak their SERP result just for them.

Baidu SEO vs Google SEO