Baidu Title Tag FormatThe most important and basic element of on-site optimization, a title tag tells both users and search engines what the topic of a certain pages is, and it is one of the key element of the SERP rankings.

When splitting up the keywords Baidu recommends “_” underscore as a good separator, which is very different from Google or Bing, because they never recommended “_” underscore as a good title separator ever. Therefore the “_” underscore is used commonly in Chinese sites.

A common example of underscore usage in well-known Chinese websites:


Baidu Recommends:

  • The title tag should be as clear as possible, containing the most important words of the page.
  • Do not stuff keywords or insert unrelated ones in the title tag.
  • Place your most important keywords on the front as much as possible.
  • Use keywords that users would search for.
  • Include your brand name in the title tag.
  • Make sure the title generates a sense of trust.
  • Each page should have a unique title and avoid all of the pages using the default title.

Baidu Recommended Title Tag Format:

Home Page Site Name OR Site Name _ Service Name  OR Product Info
Category Page Category Name_Site Name
Article Page Article Title Tag_Category Name_Site Name

Pro Tips:

Despite Baidu recommending “_” as a title separator, please continue to use “-” as your default separator, because evidence from client’s websites shows that Baidu can easily differentiate between your choices.
Baidu Meta Tags Indexing Limits: logo Title Tag Meta Description Meta Keywords
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80 characters
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200 characters
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100 characters