Baidu doesn’t uniquely format and divide between their paid search and organic search results. They constantly test new formats and layouts to deliver more vertical SERP results. You will only notice the difference by the small gray underlined term next to the displayed URL. 推广链接 means it is paid search or Tuiguang (推广) or Baidu Kuaizhao (百度快照) means organic search result.

One major difference from Google is Baidu has 2 different PPC advertising models called: Tuiguang (推 广) Tuiguang Lianjie (推广链接). Tuiguang is more blended into the SERP and almost exactly the same as the organic result aside from the grey underlined term.

Figure 1-5 shows Baidu PPC differences.

Baidu Tuiguang (推广)

Figure 1. Baidu Tuiguang (推广)  

Baidu Tuiguang Lianjie (推广链接)

Figure 2. Baidu Tuiguang Lianjie (推广链接)

Baidu SERP with Tuiguang ads

Figure 3. Baidu SERP with Tuiguang ads

Baidu SERP with Tuiguang Liangjie

Figure 4. Baidu SERP with Tuiguang Liangjie