Baidu Offsite SEO To build any site’s reputation and visitors, it is important to actively promote your site across the Internet in relevant locations and implement off-site SEO techniques.

Just like Google, Baidu also looks at off-site SEO factors. Link building is a strong Baidu ranking factor.The general understanding of many SEO professionals is that Baidu doesn’t care much about the relevancy of links and more links you have the better. However, this is not true anymore. They do care about quality links so always aim for them. Build links from similar and industry related Chinese sites to show Baidu that you are important in the industry to the Chinese people.

Anchor text is also used at Baidu as a ranking factor, as mentioned in the previous chapter. Make sure you develop and implement campaigns that encourage keyword rich anchor text. Remember, keywords will be in Chinese character so ensure your anchor text is too

Pro Tips:
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