Does using Baidu Ads help my organic SEO Rakings?

No. It’s important to note that the correlation between the rank of your website and running Baidu Ads is different from the correlation between the organic success of your website, and the official answers is: Baidu Ads really don’t have any effect on your site’s rankings at all. These are two separate systems.

Does Baidu recommend static URLs?

Officially there is no difference between static or dynamic URLs, but please make sure your dynamic URLs are search engine friendly without any symbols or too many parameters, otherwise it will be cropped or not able to be indexed well by BaiduSpider.

Does Baidu support rel=”canonical” tag?

Baidu has said that webmasters can add the canonical tag to thesection of the non-canonical versions of a web pages, However, They haven’t mentioned if they supports the link rel=”canonical” HTTP header or not for PDF, Doc or other file types.

Does Baidu supported nofollow tag?

Yes, they support both Link and <metaname=”robots”content=”nofollow”> nofollow tags.

Does Baidu support https protocol?

Partially supported, so please do not use https for the pages that you want it to be index by Baidu especially the homepage.

Does Baidu support the noarchive tag?

Yes, they support thetag.

Where is Sitemap submission in the Baidu WMT?

Like Google, submitting a sitemap to Baidu through its WMT is not possible for a newcomer site; this feature is preserved only for high authority sites, so your best choice would be putting sitemap URL in the Robots.txt file.

Does Baidu have news submit for newspaper sites?

They used to allow webmasters to submit their newspaper sites to this service is no longer supported.