Laptop computers connected with baidu spider


Baidu crawls your site through a bot called BaiduSpider, after the crawling they index your pages into their database just like Google, and serves the algorithmically best-suited result in their SERP.


Baidu Spider has certain types of limitations, which are:

  • BaiduSpidercan only read text contents.
  • Flash files, Pictures and non-text contents are ignored and unreadable by BaiduSpider.
  • Baidu does not recognize text contained in images
  • JavaScript, Ajax contents or links are not readable.

Baidu is constantly improving their services, but they are still little behind companies like Google when it comes to the technology.

Baidu Recommends:

  • Avoid Excessive Image or Flash Usage
    Use regular text content instead of flash or image files when possible.
  • Avoid JavaScript Links
    Don’t use JavaScript to display important content or links.
  • Don’t use Ajax for Impotent Contents
    Don’t use Ajax for top navigation menu or any other contents that you think is important.
  • Don’t use Frame and iFrame
    Do not use the Frame and iFrame structure to display the content, BaiduSpider will ignore it.
Pro Tips:

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