Chinese flag on computer keywordChina is a huge market with over 564 million Internet users, 242 million Chinese consumers have purchased a product or service in the last year alone and this number is rising very rapidly.

Today, an increasing number of businesses are looking at how they can attract customers and how to successfully market in China, However, they soon come to realize that in order to market in China, they also need to completely localize or design their website for Chinese Internet users, and produce a sales strategy aimed at Chinese consumers.

Then the next step is to make sure they understand the Chinese Internet and Search Engine, and also optimize their website, so that potential customers can find them.

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, with 69.6% of the market share, With Google having left for Hong-Kong in the beginning of 2010, Baidu became the major player in the Chinese search market, Only in the last year has Qihoo 360 strongly been competing with Baidu.

Increasing your website’s ranking on Chinese search engines such as Baidu is little different when compared to what you might used to with Google & Bing.

This guide aims to help foreign webmasters and online marketer who are new to Baidu search engine optimization, mainly because of the language barrier, and who wish to improve their general knowledge about and also wish to improve their site’s interaction with Baidu.

Finally, we hope our guide gives you some fresh ideas on how Baidu search engine works and how it would help you to improve your website’s ranking in Baidu.


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