There is great mystery surrounding Baidu Search Engine Optimization, or Baidu SEO. That’s because there is so much misleading information out there and way too many white hat, black hat and grey hat SEO optimization techniques from the experts and some of us are lost in the translation.

We all know that optimizing website is not a one-time job, it is rather a continuous process that we must commit and it is a game with ever changing rules. What helped websites achieve top position in last year is no longer a high importance or even may harm us if used without control.

So to help digital marketers better understand which factors are the most important for ranking in the Baidu, We have rated these most useful ranking factors based on their degree of importance.

Finally, I am sure it is not the best & most complete Baidu ranking list out there, However it is first one of its kind and our best effort to you!

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On-Page Ranking Factor [Keyword]

On-Page Ranking Factors [General]

Link Popularity Ranking Factors

Social Metrics

Geo Targeting Metrics

Negative Ranking Metrics

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