Baidu Keyword Research ServiceBaidu Keyword Research is the backbone analysis of your online campaign and understanding how people search, and what they are searching for is the key to success.

More importantly ranking for the “right” keywords can make or break your website. Just like any other SEO campaign you would run for Google or Bing you should also do keyword research when optimizing for Baidu.

However, just translating your English terms to Chinese terms using translation software and feeding it into Keyword Research tools to get the volume data probably won’t help you much to find the right targeted keywords.

Your best choice is to hire or ask a native speaker to look at the keywords that you are targeting and then use appropriate tools to check the data or replace them with appropriate more targeted keywords.

So we  have developed and now offering our Baidu Keyword Research service for SEOs, Marketers and Content writers or anyone who would like to quickly evaluate the difficulty and search statistics of their keywords.

With our years of Baidu keyword research experience we will ensure you have the most relevant and appropriate keywords (industry to long tail) for both users and search engines.

With this report you will get a complete list of related keywords, keyword groupings along with keyword statistics such as Search Volume, Average Monthly Searches, Total Baidu Indexed Pages and Keyword Difficulty.

What you get?

Baidu keyword research service is tailored to your needs, and will include:

  • Average Daily Search Volume Data
  • Average Monthly Searches Data
  • Keyword Difficulty Data
  • Baidu Total Indexed Pages Data
  • Top 3 Related Keywords Data [Short & Long tail]
  • Up to 50, 80, 150 Related Keywords per every keywords (RAW)
  • CVS files

We will always provide:

  • “Back Translation” – English translation of all the keywords we provide.

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*Note: Related Keywords (RAW) Data 250, 800, 3000 are CVS files which contains only Daily Search Volume & Back Translation.
*Optional Order: Our each report includes up to 50, 80 or 150 related keywords per every keywords, however if you would like to get up to 300 related keywords , then you can order it after your initial report completed.
*Note: Our reports DO NOT include CPC information.

Don’t Worry! We Are Baidu & Google Certified!
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