Baidu Keyword Research Tool

Find Out What Your Audience Is Looking For

Well! We all know that Baidu is closed box and all in Chinese, However we also know that having Baidu keyword research and Baidu Ads account is must have if you are planning to enter China market, sadly signing up this tool isn’t so easy as it sounds, you will need Chinese language skill plus Chinese Mobile Number in order to successfully open one.

Now, if you think it is challenging for you to register one. We are ready to help you with simple steps. All you need to do is order this service and we will do the rest.

What is included:

  • Brand New Baidu Ads Account Ready to Go 
  • – Chinese email address connected with your Baidu Ads Account
  • Baidu Keyword Research Guide Basic v1.0
  • Baidu Ads iPhone App Basic User Guide v1.0

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Disclaimer: Please remember Baidu Keywords Research tool is only in Chinese language, So if you don’t speak Chinese you can use 1.Web translator such as: Google Translate or use 2.Our English guide which will come with your order.
Our “BaiduGuide” App is online on Google PlayStore。Download!